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UNEXPECTED RESONANCES: An Interview with Steven Alexander

by Vered Lieb

"...My hope for the painting is that it acts as a catalyst to dislodge the viewer’s imagination from its day-to-day pattern and that it creates a new place in the world for the viewer's consciousness to wonder, reflect, or just to be still. That's the regenerative power of painting."  ...more



by Steven Alexander

"....[Abstraction] embodies, through specific resonances of color, configuration, and physicality, a sense of place -- psychological, physical, existential -- and proposes the potential for meaning through the agency of visual metaphor and presence." ...more




Peter Frank - Steven Alexander: Presence

"These paintings, compositionally and experientially, are boundless. That is, they do not have a beginning or an end, their formations rarely contained by the edges of the panel, their fields of energy invariably extending beyond. Their inferred space thus encompasses us, or at least the entirety of our visual field."  ...more


Lilly Wei - Steven Alexander: Color, Actually

"Alexander is a gifted colorist engrossed by process who continues to believe in pure painting, certain that there is still immense gratification to be obtained by simply looking - when followed by seeing."  ...more


Eric Holzman - Steven Alexander: Terraplane

"Alexander’s structures are as ancient as they are new, expressed through the perfect alignment of one shape next to another. He puts forth that beauty is among the great truths that endure."  ...more


Mark Wethli - Some Assembly Required

"Steven Alexander’s paintings are contemplative yet shimmering meditations on color, light, and the nuances of paint application. Their burnished surfaces and bittersweet color chords work together seamlessly to create objects of uncertain yet beguiling provenance."  ...more


Kate Beck - The Paintings of Steven Alexander

"Steven Alexander creates work within a process driven by purity.  His richly hued, geometric surfaces imbue a concrete and sensitive love for his medium that never distorts the medium’s essential nature, but rather respects its every nuance of being, as one respects a lover."  ...more




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